PBPA works diligently with local, state, and federal lawmakers to pass legislation that balances the prevention of overregulation with the quality of life for the whole Permian Basin.


Legislation: With the Texas House and Senate meeting only six months every two years, thousands of bills are drafted and brought to a vote every session and in a very short amount of time. PBPA therefore keeps its membership informed and protected by tracking the hundreds of bills that could adversely affect the petroleum industry. Our staff frequently testifies before multiple House and Senate committees, giving a much needed voice to our member’s interest and in doing so keeping our state lawmakers informed on the effects their legislation would have on our...


New Mexico

PBPA takes an active role in New Mexico legislative affairs. PBPA has recently developed a full-time presence in the state by employing a full time lobbyist based out of the state capital, Santa Fe. PBPA stays involved in all New Mexico’s industry related issues; from testifying at legislative hearings to working with the state and federal agencies to help shape energy policy.

New Mexico is the sixth largest oil producing and the fourth largest natural gas producing state in the nation. The vast majority of the oil produced in the state is produced...



PBPA works closely with local governments and their constituents in the Permian Basin to help shape ordinances and propositions that are both in the interest and safety of the community, while also economically reasonable to local industry. All Permian Basin residents in one way or another depend on the success of the Oil and Gas industry, PBPA strives to find the middle ground that both keeps our communities healthy and safe and allows our businesses to thrive.



Though PBPA is a regional association, our members are still affected by the rules and laws passed by our Federal Government and Federal Agencies. PBPA actively watches and participates in the Federal process by meeting with members of Congress directly, to communicate our members’ needs and to make sure that they have voice in the National Capitol.

PBPA actively follows newly proposed rules and regulations within many federal agencies and often submits comments on behalf of our membership to assist in the process. PBPA has developed a reputation as...