Politics of energy industry assessed

January 18, 2024

Odessa American

by Bob Campbell

The 2024 presidential election is important to Texas’ energy industry, but the global need for oil and natural gas and the industry’s high dollar innovations to protect the environment will be more telling in the long run.

That’s according to the Permian Basin Petroleum Association, State Rep. Brooks Landgraf and the Texas Independent Producers & Royalty Owners and Texas Oil & Gas associations, who say the next president will need more sophistication about the issue.

“Elections have consequences and this year is no exception,” PBPA President Ben Shepperd said Tuesday. “The president controls who runs the government agencies that regulate us on a daily basis and this administration has been more hostile to the oil and gas industry than any in history.

“While that might sound like hyperbole, what other president ever made a public declaration to end fossil fuels?”

Shepperd said there have been dozens of federal administrative actions since Biden took office three years ago that were aimed at increasing regulatory burdens and costs with the ultimate goal of completely removing hydrocarbons or fossil fuels from the energy mix.

“While we all know it is impossible to get rid of oil and gas, that doesn’t stop...

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